Insul-Lift ™:

An attachment for after market boom truck cranes

Insul-Lift Brochure

​Available in 12′, 16′, and 20′ lengths with 300 & 600 lb capacity

The aerial attachment connected to the boom tip enables the crane to function as an insulated man lift with WRAP AROUND capabilities to work on the blind side of power pole cross arms, and transformers or tree branches. The family of CraneMate ™ platforms are the industry’s only work platform with self contained hydraulics.

The insulated jib boom with basket pin-on to most boom truck cranes by means of the equipment’s existing swing jib mounting brackets, thus allowing attachment to all-terrain cranes, boom trucks, telescopic crawlers, or other hydraulic telescopic equipment.
As a result, they are suitable for the following vertical markets:

  • Power transmission
  • Utilities and electric contractors
  • Telecom antenna
  • Commercial painting
  • Bridge construction and maintenance
  • Outdoor signs and lighting
  • Building construction

The 12′ lg jib boom comes as with either a one man basket 24″ x 30″ or a two man basket  24″ x 48″ with 600 lb capacity. The jib boom has 320 degrees of  horizontal plane and jib boom automatically levels the full 90 degrees of boom truck boom’s articulation. Another great feature the jib boom can wrap around features that allow workers to maneuver closer to the work areas.  When the jib boom is rotated 180 degrees in line with crane boom and locked in place the man basket also has auto hydraulic leveling that is far safer than the current industry standard’s gravity leveling system.

The 16′ lg jib boom come as a two man basket  24″ x 48″ with 600 lb capacity and the jib boom is limited to 180 degrees rotation in the horizontal plane to to position the jib boom rotation in line with the crane boom.  It then has 60 degrees of vertical jib boom articulation and leveling.  The basket has auto hydraulic leveling that is far safer than the current industry standard’s gravity leveling system. 

Road travel ready…..platforms can be securely fastened to the vehicle before departing for the work site without any cradling attachment. This prevents the inconvenience of maneuvering the vehicle multiple times at the job site to position it for attachment. The risk of terrain and gradient for vehicles to maneuver on site to attach a platform is removed.

Self-contained power control box…..on board electric over hydraulic valve assembly and electronic sensors allow for unprecedented worker control. This results in more productivity, fewer hours on the job and worker empowerment. Optional pocket size radio control is available from ground or platform.